Recovery last set duelist id

I accidentally overwrite the konami id data with a new account, that konami id is connected to my old account, can I get it back


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You should contact the Konami support

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KoG rank

I just hit KoG. Where can i check my rank this season? ty in advance

Spell Economics issue

Hello, isn't the spell card Epell Economics supposed to work with Gishki Photomirror? It mee...

About Archfiend Zombie Skull

I dueled shiranui players then he summoned this card even without using plaguespreader zombie and...

I opened up duel links and it's making me redownload the game

I have my Google account for my Google play store account and Yu-Gi-Oh dueling linked together an...

Madame Verre and Flip Effects

Is it possible to deny a flip effect with Verre? I mean, the flip happens in the damage step, ...

Black Winged Dragon

Why this card is not considered as a blackwing card? I mean blackwing's effect that are ...


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sadly with the amount of characters Zexal has, there bounds to be characters that are at the back...
what about Number Guardians that will be Great like anime.
I'll help you by saying this: the discard is a Cost, not an effect :) Dark World doesn�...
He will get the lines for sure, but whether we get the cards or not depends on whether they plan ...
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