Best structure deck to buy?

29days ago


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20days ago
If you buy 3x, it’s a toss-up between Ancient Gears straight up or Fire Kings peppered with the Yubel chain. Then again, one can never go wrong with E. Hero Neos.
27days ago
You can buy all HEROes structure decks and make a pretty cheap deck around them.
28days ago
imo its the newest one, on its own its incredibly powerful, you can summon a 2700 atk monster in a multitude of ways, and one of them destroys all monsters on the field, meaning its hard for opponents to deal with.
29days ago
neos fusion is the best one

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"This is actually one of the cheapest decks you could hope to make. Konami had to find a ...
As soon Konami nerfs strong deck new one will rises and no one can stop this cycle. Brace your s...
Don't know Deskbot at all. If you want a F2P version that is as good or better in some situ...
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