Increased consistency on latest metas, decreased consistency on older decks

Anyone here gets a feeling that recently released decks get increased consistency? I feel that this has been the case since sylvians were meta. Like literally, I’m usually never able to drop more than $100 per month on this game, so by the time Im able to build a complete deck its already 6 months past meta and the consistency I get is usually like 3/10. but when I’m lucky enough to build a complete meta deck within the month (cyber dragon, UAs, sylvians and six samurais) the consistency for the first few months was perfect, always had the key cards on first turn every time, even after 6sams was hit. But recently playing with those decks, I seem to be unable to draw the key cards before the second turn.

Anyone know if Konami has some kind of program set to insure that recent decks get increased consistency on key cards. And for decreased consistency on older decks?


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Confirmation Bias
I've never noticed that and I have quite a few old decks lying around and I even use them occasionally. Your theory is probably wrong, imo.
OP here, this came up because I’ve had four occasions where I drew consecutive bricks with the same hand each time, many times I get all spell/traps in my hand. And many many times my hand is just high level monsters I cant summon or do anything with. Didnt use to happen back when the deck was new.
You can neither proof nor disproof such theories.

Ok, technically, you could formulate a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis and do thousands of duels. But I doubt that anyone will do that.
Are you talking about how konami limit the card itself, or the way you got a card during your fist turn?
I also think that this could be the case. Konami maybe give shadow buff to the new and current top meta by increasing the chance of having key card(s) in opening hand. Back in their respective days, Sylvan players always get Komushroomo in their opening hand, same case with Masked Hero (Mask Change), Neos (Neos Fusion), Blue-Eyes (White Stone), etc. And of course the current Dark Magician with Rod, also Shiranui with Squire. Well, this is the downside of digital game, no one could guarantee that random is really random here. But, in Konami's defense, they need to sell, right?
I'm playing a 6Sam deck as well and it's still very consistent. I only had 1 really bad brick within the last 100 duels or so.

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There is nothing more enjoyable in this game than ruining someone's KOG rank up match.
Good DEF, decent ATK and an amazing effect. This card is really strong. *3 Level 6 monsters* ...
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