Black Winged Dragon

Why this card is not considered as a blackwing card?

I mean blackwing's effect that are activated when another blackwing monster is on the field (like Bora, Kris, Gale, Raikiri... etc.) doesn't work with Black Winged Dragon.

29days ago


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28days ago
Black Winged Dragon is a generic synchro monster, the same as Stardust Dragon and Rose Black Dragon. It is not a "Blackwing" monster.
29days ago
There's a stupid dash in the middle of it's name "Black-Winged" not blackwing and that killed the card =_=
29days ago
Because it's spelled "Black Wing"... and not "Blackwing"

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THANKS KONAMI! FINALLY! The stupid lightsworn engine is over for WC. I couldn't w8 another ...
How to use this deck: get a verre and stall until you have 7 spells. Spam 7 spells. The end.
you forgot to say *tips fedora* at the end of your comment and something about how chess is the s...
This meta was never about OTKing, it was all about backrow.
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