Madame Verre and Flip Effects

Is it possible to deny a flip effect with Verre?

I mean, the flip happens in the damage step, when the first effect of her trigger, so it appears that we miss the time to deny the now face-up monsters effect.

29days ago


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11days ago
No you cannot negate flip effects in damage step with Madame Verre.

Madame Verre has 2 separate effects, her 2nd negation effect CANNOT be activated during the Damage Step
27days ago
Flip effects can still resolve just after the card is flipped by battling. That's how Aleister can still add invocation in front of madame verre
28days ago
Verre cannot activate her effect on damage, only cards with "when a opponent... negate it" can do it

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Too bad, I activate Sphere Kuriboh I now negate your monster effect
lol Briadge is now limited
Don't know Deskbot at all. If you want a F2P version that is as good or better in some situ...
Yes. BlackWing is so balanced. You always have a good hand and can always otk your opponent. No n...
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