Why does most of the players in the game have the same deck?

I've lost so many times due to almost everyone using the same decks and it is getting on my nerves. Only a few people stood out by using cards I've never seen on websites like best duel decks 2020 or crap like that. It s very annoying to lose to a duel n duel more just to lose to the same deck over and over again.


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I had heroes in my last game file but god damn, the meta just pissed me off, then i got a new file last month, went with blue eyes and playing a bit better with people, it has power, backrow remover
That's the internet for you. It isn't the '90s anymore. Everyone has access to deck lists of powerful combos at the click of a button.

As people have mentioned it is cheaper and easier to copy a deck that has been thoroughly tested and built by collaboration between multiple players. It is now on you to look at those decks and try to identify weaknesses that you can exploit to make a comeback.

It isn't impossible to beat them but it is rough. Riding the meta is a much easier way to play the game but often means putting the cards you love aside. It is your call as to how you want to deal with it. Im sticking to what I love =)
Or there is nothing wrong with your deck you are just countered by specific decks thats all and thats why lose the same deck over and over like burn to dark magicians i lose most of the time even i dont put anything down ii dont have to power to stop and onslaught that early
Im getting annoyed too but most people on casual duels will use different decks
If you keeps losing to same deck over and over, there must be something wrong with your deck.

Figure out some counters or way to play around meta/popular decks.
It's called meta. It's much easier AND cheaper to copy a good deck than to come up with something unique.
maybe cuz ur deck sucks..... it's a pvp game, people will use the best decks...

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l like a zexal 3 form at zexal world 3 at duel links.
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