How to build our own personal deck in-game? (with cards we don't own yet)

Do i really have to go to third party websites to build my own deck (in which they often include all the cards from the TCG, so even more difficult and confusing when you're only playing DuelLinks)? In that case, do you know which website would be the best?

Building our deck from scratch and being able to include any cards of the game in it should have been implemented in the game from day 1, I don't understand how come we still can't do it (plus, it would incentivize us to buy the cards we can clearly see that we miss and need, so it's good for the company too).

Why is there still no option to help us in this fundamental part of any TCG? Is this a technical issue i'm not aware of (i doubt it)? is there any other reason?

My suggestion would be simply to let us access all the cards of the game whenever we build our deck in Deck Editor, instead of only cards we own, and add them to the deck even though we dont own them yet, making the said deck unplayable untill complete of course. We could ALMOST do that now with some options, like "auto-build deck" option with cards we don't own. It fills our deck with grayed out cards, but we can't decide which cards to include, and can't move them out and in of the deck, so it's useless for now. What do you think?


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That is an interesting idea they should add into the game, actually.
You can't remember the cards you want anon? Memory getting bad?
anoymous is your friend
dont have time to read a whole azz dissertation sowwie :C

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I'm the only one excited about more ghostricks aren't I?
I think Satellarknight is tiered. Their searcher, recovery and even floating effects are amazing....
Galaxy eyes meta is coming.
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