why i can't claim this skill ?

when i click trade,this back to skill selection


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Through mobile or desktop you can't trade any skill via tickets for now, it's bugged.
I'm waiting for them to fix this because i also want to get a skill from there
It is bugged
I'm having the same problem
Duel ID 872831628
u have to unlock carlie first
Wow he just tried to help you, dont need to be a b....!
obviously if it thought a skill ticket, cant u tell by the picture -_- ? someone else answer me please i need this skill now
If it is through skill tickets, I think there is a bug with them right now that they are trying to fix.

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NO! still, they need more supports to be a rogue
Swap levianeer with Chaos sorcerers but then you must use see you later & more tuners, such a...
I think Satellarknight is tiered. Their searcher, recovery and even floating effects are amazing....
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