Is Zexal World coming this September ?

Like happens every year in September, Konami adds a new world to Duel Links, while Zexal is not added yet and there is some rumors that say it will be unlocked this September, and even in this website they added pages for Zexal characters, can someone confirm that ? Or have Konami said that already or not ?


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It's late september. That's when Zexal world is coming
They just said it will come soon, they didn't said late october or september

This is very official because the twitter account is YuGiOh News so it must be official
Where they said it on their twitter page?
Give us link please bro
Announcement usually around 20th Sep and implementation the week after around 26 Sep.
We don't know the date yet
Yes if you go on their twitter page, it says Zexal will be coming in late October. Usually they release a world in September, but they delayed the date because of COVID.
Konami is not officially announced about zexal, is just some leak, future prediction if zexal really been added, for now we still dont know about release date or any information about new world from konami

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Use anime card for PVE not PVP. Banyak bacot lu
Maybe you but not me. Im super interested
2 BE in your starting hand and I need to congrats you. You have lost.
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