What character should I use against Trudge

Unlocking trudge


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i use carly because she is cute lol yes i know im weird but i like cartoon girls XD
You can use any character, even in diffent world from dsod, my tips to use spell card inferno tempest and lava golem, you can search the decklist on youtube or this website

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Is Zexal World coming this September ?

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why i can't claim this skill ?

when i click trade,this back to skill selection

How to build our own personal deck in-game? (with cards we don't own yet)

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How to make a deck with 40 cards

There is no way or it can do more than that.

Selection Box Vol

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Is Lunalight worthwhile anymore?

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Missing decks

hi i would like to know how exactly nearly all my decks have been emptied, it happened after i pl...


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I'm interested in Alucard. It's a top level card, starter of the Xyz toolbox era.
Losing half of today's deck is good. Komoney can force you to buy new deck and make more mon...
Use anime card for PVE not PVP. Banyak bacot lu
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