NPC Circus Trick Cancer Deck

What's the best way to beat it consistently? I made a burn deck for it with decent results but I only have 1 Lava Golem. Sylvans destroy them but Komushroo is SR.


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can't believe they let you put such a stupid question and use the word "cancer"
they rejected my question, "Why are there so many fggot noobkids on here?"
Just simply level up your stage lvl and this cancer will disappear. Trust me, this is the best way.
water is the answer to everything at low lvl. hammershark to swarm. blue breaker to destroy backrow. daedalus to destroy field. heck with the new cards, golden flying fish becomes another cheap option for destruction.
the clown deck isn't "cancer" you noob moron.
stop overusing that word. fucktard morons like yourself like to refer to everything that you're too stupid to beat as "cancer". In fact, clown control is so damn old anyone with a decent deck can beat it these days.
Great, I happen to have 3x Wildman and Tenkabito, as well as 2x Xing Zu, 1x Gyokkou and 1x Divine Wrath. No Trap Jammer though... I guess I’ll go with what I have.
just put 10 monsters with 1900 atk and the rest is trap that increase or decrease the atk of your opponent monster like 3 mirror wall 3 wall of disruption and also add 3 super rush headlong
Put 2 Xing Zheng Hui, 2 Straight Flush, 2 Wild Tornado. You're good to go.
Use Wildheart and Tenkabito Shien 3 times each. Now you already have 6 monsters that don't care about traps. Next add some normal monster beaters (not affected by Curse of Anubis).

To top it off add some counter trap to negate destruction and return effects and possibly some Trap Jammers versus Windstorm and traps / spells that can destroy the Labyrinth.
Sadly I don't have a Nephytis deck... my only minibox deck is 6 Samurai... guess I'll need to hit Ultimate Rising for the clowns which are only R.
If you have access to Nephthys deck, it will absolutely CRUSH the circus NPC deck.

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