Seriously, what's with these gray bars on Ranked Duels?

Several times when I win by opponent surrendering grey bars keep popping up instead of the "win" logo. I don't get any rewards or a new victory in the count. What gives?


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You're against Gay players.
I'm not sure if it is a glitch or not, but when I was trying to get to DLv 20 (which I finally achieved yesterday), the (---) stopped me from reaching there. (even though the duel technically didn't count, it reset my wins in a row it seems).

I had won 4 in a row at lv 19, then the (---) symbol came up. After that I won 2 more in a row and I didn't advance to lv 20. I had won 6 in a row, and was a little salty about it.
Because they cheated simple
it means your duel is forfeited/tie/draw because the server detects hack or mod apps so it automatical stop the game....sometimes it a connection error or server error resulting in that grey (---) with no win or lose written
I'm pretty sure it means no one won or lost the duel. I've gotten a couple of these myself. The strangest thing is that when it happens, there was no duel at all. It never even went into battle and then I see that. But if it is counted as a tie, I wish they would just change all disconnect, cheating loss, etc. to this instead.

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when is the nex box release date?

when is the nex box release date?

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