Will there be more BLS support?

Hi all, I am wondering if we can expect any Black Luster Soldier support. Currently I see a lot archetypes gaining new support over time, like Cyber Angels, Blackwings, Dark Magician.

In my opinion, an iconic archetype like BLS deserves to be competitive in the game.

If cards like beginning knight, evening twilight knight, black luster soldier - super soldier or super soldier soul are released it makes BLS more competitive.

What do you guys think?


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Yeah i can definitely see them releasing more black luster soldier support. Like you said, it is iconic, and anything iconic in yugioh will get more attention eventually.
down below: OP question isn't asking Konami. They just want the general opinion of players using this site. Chill out already. OP: It's possible if they don't mind that they made some bls cards f2p already.

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