Chain to my own Quick effect?

Opponent activates Normal Trap "Wall of Disruption". I am asked if I want to chain the effect of Magician of Chaos (Quick eff: Destroy card on field) or Magician Navigation in Grave (Negate eff of a card till end of turn).
I wanted to activate both, but after I chose Magican of Chaos eff`(Chain link 2), I wasnt asked if I wanted to activate Navigation in grave any more.
Why is that?


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i dont know
miss timing.. magician navigation should be 2nd chain
During a duel, if you touch the top right icon on the screen you will see a setting menu. Check there if your "Self-Chain" setting is ON, and "Activation Confirmation" setting is Auto.

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Their boss monster is a 3k attacker unaffected by ANY effects.
underrated comment lol
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