How good is this card?

we are clearly already at an age of combos, I got 1 of this from my UR ticket, but today came the following situation where I already had 1 of these in the field and could summon +1, obviously I had to call our good old gigacastle friend, but if I had +1 mech on my extra, could i use the effect of both in the same turn?

Is it worth opening the box just for him? (0 interest in this box or black rose) Are there any other good synchrons for blue eyes to make use of?
Ops: the once per turn, I wanna know if this effect is locked on the summoned monster or locked on the card name :-)

24days ago


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11days ago
a sh!t
23days ago
24days ago
thank you guys :-)
24days ago
To the guy using Blue-Eyes:
The card text of The White Stone of Ancients specifically says that "You can only use this effect of "The White Stone of Ancients" once per turn".
The card name is being used here, so you can not use that effect twice.
But for Vermillion, it's not specifically said that "You can only use this effect of "Vermillion Dragon Mech" once per turn" or something like that, so you can use that effect twice.
24days ago
If you have 2 Vermillion on the field, you can use the effect twice on the same turn, once for each monster.
24days ago
Usually once per turn means just that, you can't use the effect again even if you get to summon another copy.

I don't have a 2nd Vermillion to check but that happened to me using Blue Eyes. I managed to dump two White Stones in the graveyard at the same turn yet the game wouldn't allow me to summon the 2nd BEWD.

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Maybe with Monarchs??
around new implemented banlist, like 11-13th dec.
Konami wants you to play at least 2 Purgas.
With 2 ranks addition, they should give extra 20 gems for each of legends rank up.
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