Which one should I use my UR dream ticket on?

Which one is more useful sonic bird or senju. Dont care about other cards, i like rutual decks. What are the pros and cons of each? Whats a good place to find discussion on each?

24days ago


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2hour ago
Axe raider can be used as Ritual tribute as well good ATK/DEFF
6days ago
axe raider. The most versatile card ever.
works in any deck and works with many card effects.
It's very kog worthy.
21days ago
Axe Raider is the answer
23days ago
Senju not sent
23days ago
What ritual deck? Cyber angels are sent where venereal should go sonic
23days ago
senju, because his multiple hands can jerk me off real good
24days ago
A ritual spell card can be searched by many other ways and they can be substituted by some general ritual spell cards, but there is not that many ways to search a specific ritual monster, so I will say that Senju is more useful if you have to choose one.
24days ago

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Maybe with Monarchs??
around new implemented banlist, like 11-13th dec.
Konami wants you to play at least 2 Purgas.
With 2 ranks addition, they should give extra 20 gems for each of legends rank up.
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