How to get keeper of dragon magic more then once?

I'm trying to get a good deck and its a Neos Fusion deck and has Keeper of Dragon Magic, The only way I see to get it is by the structure deck I think called Masters Of Chaos, I've seen a video with someone having a deck with three Keeper Of Dragon Magic in there. Can someone help me and tell me how to get more?


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pay with cash
CORRECTION : The first time you buy the box, it can be with 1000 gems. However, it only contains 1 copy of KoDM. If you want 2 more copies, you'll have to buy the box 2 more times. But this time, you can't buy the box with gems; only with real money. Yep, EX-structure decks are kinda P2W.
Buy the box with real $ three times. Forget about the SR dream ticket the comment below me is talking about.
Use actual money to buy it, or wait & pray to get SR Dream ticket in the future (which is very less likely or very long time)

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What is missing is a red eyes black comet dragon and black flare dragon. It will become even stro...
I don't even get what a ritual is
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