Will we be getting zexal soon

I no we got dsod world recently but for the 3rd aniversery will we get zexal world or will we habe to wait till the 4th aniversery

17days ago


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15days ago
19th september 2020 confirmed. pm me if you want the link
16days ago
I hate to say it, but with how slow they are with the dsod characters now, it looks like Zexal will probably be next year just like the other worlds have been.

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Why when I redownloaded the game I can't login

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What stage does Aster phoenix mission show up?

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26days ago


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Does this Mermails viable again?
I still think Restart is the best skill for this deck given how if it opens without castle, bird ...
New Boxes : Appear Me who just finish Gravekeeper Deck : WTF.
Really hard to pull off at the moment, though. In fact, I never see Unknown Duelist activating...
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