chaos sorcerer effect

why did all my monster can't attack when I activate chaos sorcerer effect, it said that the battle phase is skipped

27days ago


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2days ago
"what else was on the field? did you use restart? was he your only monster?"

what does restart have to do with anything you f**king idiot? it skips your draw phase, not your battle phase.
He also said "all my monster" meaning he had other monsters (he just spelt it wrong as "monster") (singular) not just chaos sorcerer.
He was wondering why he couldn't attack with his monsters when supposedly chaos sorcerer only stops him from attacking if he used it's effect.
You're just assuming and throwing out random questions cos you actually don't know sh!t.
24days ago
This website is not affiliat ed to Konami at all. They can't help you.
26days ago
it must be elementsaber field spell
26days ago
Hmm call hoodini
26days ago
This web is not a fiiliated to Konami. They cannot help you.
26days ago
because ur monsters were tired, you need to give them energy with XP boost potions. they cant attack if their energy is below 10/30
27days ago
what else was on the field? did you use restart? was he your only monster? was a card used to skip battlephase? he also cant attack the turn you use his effect as it says.

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just think, i could've paid 2 bucks to see the post somewhere else
Where do u find this card
If the first deck list doesn't use water monsters, then why put cocytus on the extra deck?
So I got guite lucky and build the full synchro version of this deck with around 13k gems but unf...
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