Jaden/Yubel voicelines

He has unique voicelines with all the GX characters except for Bastion, Aster, and Zane. If they could all the others, what made these three any different?


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24days ago
This website does not belong to Konami, they can't help you. It's a fraud.
25days ago
To the one below: No, they didn't really answer it since they said "no interactions", not "no meaningful interactions". That is a big difference. That being said, your answer actually makes sense since you added in that keyword (meaningful) and took the time to explain yourself. Thank you.
25days ago
The question was answered in this case, though. He didn't have any meaningful interactions with Bastion, Aster or Zane. Heck, Bastion's last APPEARANCE was before Jaden even fused with Yubel.

Also, Aster and Zane don't really have a ton of experience with monster spirits and their relationship with humans, so there isn't really much dialogue opportunity the other way either.
26days ago
Answers to the questions in these are almost all just worthless one-dimensional troll responses and a bunch of unrelated crap. The mods should answer the QA section themselves.
26days ago
he has no interactions during that arc.
30days ago
No interactions during that arc? If you mean when he actually was Jaden/Yubel, he talks to Zane and Aster even a little in season 4 at least during the episodes centered around them. And during season 3 he talked to all of them.
they didn't have any interactions during that arc

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