how long does it take to get banned after refunding some purchases? It's been 2 months since i refunded my purchases and i haven't been banned


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why would you get banned for having your purchases refunded??
I think this @@@ing idiot, dumb@@@ TC probably doesn't know what "refund" means and thinks it means something else.
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Someone is using modded cheats
If you read the ToS, refunding a purchase leads to a PERMANENT ban.
why do you even refund tho?
Well don't they normally ban people that refund in-app purchases?
Why would you be banned anyway? If the refund is issued correctly you shouldn't get banned.

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It's a shame that those funny responses get deleted too XD
I'll call it know: next banlist is gonna hit a karakuri card to stop them from using trunade...
They are weak: have you seen the win rate? It got 1st because spammed duels not victories.
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