Not a question but wanna ask anyway

Hi there,
is there a chance that Hamon event will be re-release again? I missed it in July. I collected all other beasts and god cards except Hamon. Please re-event it in the future. Thank you very much.
Love ~ Duelist fan


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you're welcome.
The truth about GameA
Please sub to
When you ask, its already a question. A question will always end with a ?
You asked a question you moron.
Actually you DID ask a question you f@##$%king idiot.
Since Yubel has lines for all 3 sacred beasts I'd guess they'll come back as special missions once Yubel is available at the gate in late November.
yes we are konami, stop lying.
This website is not affiliat ed to Konami and they cannot help you.
I didn't obtain Uria, but I hope that you can obtain the 3 sacred beasts again if you haven't already.

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so happy with the gouki deck, easy kog
Thanks thisll help
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