Can I recover my account with this?

My phone broke and I lost my info on Duel Links. I have most info Konami needs for the recovery and already submitted it. I must wait 4-5 days for a reply The only thing I dont got is my old Duel ID, I thought my account was linked with Google Play so I never bothered to write down the ID. Im hopping that if Konami will not return me my account which was last used today at 2am(PST) on November 9th 2019 that perhaps they can reimburse my recent 12 bucks I spent on the 6th of November on pure structure decks. I spent a lot more than that but as of right now I only have 3 receipts from my most recent transactions (which is the image attached). I hope Konami out of good faith or stingy behaviour decides to return my account over returning my 12 bucks. I've been playing the game as of March 27, 2017 before the game even had 50k downloads now they just celebrated 100 Million downloads. Please Konami do the right thing and Ill drop $100 as soon as my account is back live.

24days ago


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23days ago
no, you cant
24days ago
Can you get your account back? Maybe. There's a good chance Konami can find your old account based on your purchase history, but it'll help if you can remember other things about your account and report to them.

Can you get your money back? Nope. All purchases are final and Konami can ban your account if you request a refund.

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You must be one of those lazy arse that expect to get everything x3 within 1 duel.
I have found the same problem with this card
Try to add Tutubon or Magnificent Machine Angel from Alluring Alexis event. The second is a nice ...
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