Best splashable Synchro Monsters for every level?

I don't have too many gems so I want to spend them wisely. I know Vermillion Dragon Mech is the best 9*, Scrap Dragon's the best 8* and Black Rose Dragon's the best 7*, but what are the best basic-material synchros for all other levels?

8days ago


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1days ago
I'm not logged in right now so can't say the actual named, but:

Best level 6 is the dolphin that reduces an opponents monsters attack in half each turn and can be SS from the graveyard.

Best level 7 is probably the samurai then Black Rose Dragon

An alternative level 8 is red dragon archfiend that is also the best signer dragon for raid boss events.
8days ago
for 12 star is obelisk the tormentor
8days ago
For 5*, it's Armades Keeper of Boundaries.
For 6*, it's Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

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You must be one of those lazy arse that expect to get everything x3 within 1 duel.
I have found the same problem with this card
Try to add Tutubon or Magnificent Machine Angel from Alluring Alexis event. The second is a nice ...
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