Forbidden Chalice

Does forbidden chalice stop tuners from being able to synchro summon? Or is the tuner separate from effects?


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Being a Tuner is not an effect, but a trait of those cards.

So yeah, Forbidden Chalice does not stop Tuners from being used to Synchro Summon.
Being a tuner is not an effect, dumbass.
"Tuner" and "Effect" are different categories."

What he said.
lmao u cant be srs bruh
"Tuner" and "Effect" are different categories.
There are many Normal Tuner Monsters.

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The reason this deck plays Hallowed Life Barrier / Rainbow Life is to survive until your 2nd turn
FYI we still don't have all the Fur Hire cards yet :p But don't worry, they're ...
There's also Weather Painter Rain in the box, who comes without her Canvas.
Love that rather realistic sky background on the card's artwork
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