LD LV 30 drop rate

Hi All, sorry if this has been asked/posted before, could'nt find it. But what are the SR drop rates from LD of lvl 30 compared to 40 supposed to be? Because LV 30 LD never drop and SR for me. I defeated Mokuba (DSOD) LV 30 like 100 times with a score of 5000 - 6500 each time, but not SR. but i got a lot of Dragondark and R's :P


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This website is not affi liated to K0nami and they cannot help you. They even censor some words like 'affi liated' to avoid being exposed.
Vylon Prism [UR]
no you didnt
Before dueling a LD, you can view the cards that can be dropped by pressing "Duel Rewards" button.
There you can realize by yourself that LV 10/20/30 LDs could drop multiple "trash" common cards, which means the drop rate for UR/SR cards is lower than LV 40 LD's.

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