Is it true that you can't get an exclusive skill if you keep changing your character?


Is it true that you can't get an exclusive skill if you keep changing your character from one to another?

I've been trying so hard to get harpies hunting ground skill for weeks now but had no luck.
However, I read somewhere in here that I must not change my character unless I got the wanted skill first because of the RNG thing.

Thanks in advance!


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When I was farming HHG, I leveled other duelists and only switched to Mai when a LD had spawned in duel world before switching back.

It eventually dropped after a few weeks for me. You could see it sooner than that, you could see it later, it's entirely random. Keep at it and try not to let frustration get you down!
You can change your character if you wanted to, but you have to use Mai to duel any LD(preferably lvl 40 or higher) for the chance to actually get HHG. The same for other character's exclusive skill(like you have to use Joey to get Last Gamble)
Specific characters can get specific skills from fighting legendary duelists BUT they are very rare

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