Stage 59 Help: Mai

So in this Mission, I have to defeat Mai as 3 quick victories. Many have said to use Karate Man, but I don't have any Karate Men since the pack discontinued. Any other ideas or suggestions?


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burn deck with luck on your side
Karate man and joey ability warrior type... now pack available
Ultimate Rising Is Back Today. (17th)
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have to use Joey for thw mission >-<
I use double hitters. Element Dragon, Gray Wing, Combo Fighter. U can use HHG, Mountain or Balance. If u use balance I would use 10 monsters, 5 trap, 5 spells. Use equip spells, Riryoku, Apophis. Not hard to make.
Wait a couple of days since the packs are coming back on the 17th

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If you are dealing with a weak deck, then that would be your play till you win. But against most ...
Easiest Cyber End Dragon that guarantees a win: 3x Cyber Dragon 3x Cyber Dragon Zwei 3x Cyber ...
Opinions? i don't know.
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