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Get a Gems

Guys, What is the best method in your opinion, to get the gems, if you're already in stage 6...

error 5000

Since I have bought the New boost, I haven't been able to Start the game anymore. It says: &...

Stage 59 Help

Hey all. Currently looking for someone to play against that has Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth and...

Side Decking? Will it be introduced to Duel Links?

I am fairly new to Yugioh Duel links. However, I have played the normal Yugioh Trading Card Ga...

KOG rank system

Where can I get information about the rank system? I mean, how many wins a need to reach each ran...


if i up to KoG, can have chance for down to platinum 1,2 or 3 ?

Toon world question

If i have a toon monster on the field and 2 toon worlds on the field at the same time if one of t...

Do spell speeds not matter in this game?

I attacked with my monster, player activates mirror wall and i chain trap jammer to which he chai...

Magnet Warrior deck with 2 gamma's?

Is it useful to buy 3 delta's from the card trader if I only have 2 gamma's? I really w...

Low level / Same name decks

I haven't seen much support for it, but has anyone tried running a low level deck? Like leve...



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The dark magician deck have at least 1 sphere kuriboh for the tilt..
and now use it again for Fur Hire .. LMAO
A pretty shitty card, a worse SRH that is slower and doesn't always destroy the card you wan...
ever got this one ? VWXYZ
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