Sir Administrator, because it allows comments in Spanish, but does not allow Q&A in Spanish?, why?

Hello duelists, my english is basic and I hope they understand me.

This site would be much better in 'Espanglish', please Administrator allow a space to the Spanish speaking.

Duelists who think?


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back to your holes fucking monkeys
First of all, I'm spanish.

I just started a few days ago, and I get that same feeling cuz it's difficult to take some info about the game if u don't have a good english level.

By the way, I think that is a problem of our education system but we can't say, - Hey, I don't clearly understand strategies. We should improve our level, because we are in a multicultural world and english is the highway to understand each other.

So, use google translator and try to improve. "They can't give us everything chewed" :P

Have a good afternoon!
Not entirely sure what you mean, you can comment in any language and post questions in any language lol. You can use general discussions to find and discuss with Spanish players as well.

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