Why does Duel Replay not play from my point of view?

I recently won an awesome PvP Duel against someone using a Burn Deck. After only my second Standby Phase, I was down to 500 LP, thanks to "Burning Land". My "Blue Dragon Summoner" was equipped with their "Mask of the Accursed", so I had to get rid of it and win on this turn. Luckily, I had "Lord of D" and "Gift of the Martyr" in my hand (though I didn't realize it at the time, "Lord of D" was strong enough to win after the spell activation). I then summoned "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". With no cards in their hand, and only "Burning Land" on the field, I took out my opponent's remaining 2500 LP and saved the duel for a replay.

However, when I went to watch my replay, it started off with their player as the point of view player. My only real evidence of this is the screenshot shown where Téa is at the bottom, and the username is in a forgien language, where as I (PowerOfSeto as Kaiba) am on top.

Do Duel Replays choose the point of view player based on odds of winning, or is this a very disappointing error?


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It seems to be random.

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