Is it normal that I can't use my skill ticket to exchange any skills?

So basically I want to trade/exchange the skill spell Specialist for Yugi or Arkana (doesn't matter who) but I can't do it. I even tried to exchange any other skills and it still doesn't work. I click on trade and it just closes the window without having a thing popping out saying I got the skill. Pls tell me if anyone know how to fix it.


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You have to update your game to fix the bug
im stuck with the same bug even after reseting
It's fixed now
I know how to fix it, I'll write how in a different comment, the text is too big lol
same issue
Same here
And make sure the skill you want to exchange it not skill you already have
It was a bug, try restart your game and exchange it again
Having the same issue here. Might be a bug

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