Why can't I activate card effects on the first turn??

*first turn: 2 blue eyes and a polymerization in my hand, couldn't activate polymerization until 2nd turn
*First turn: Normal summoned Ancient Gear Wyvern, effect to add Ancient Gear monster from deck to hand doesn't activate.
*First turn: Normal summon Master w/ eyes of blue, cannot activate effect to tribute effect monster and special summon blue eyes monster from hand
Is there a bug preventing card effects/activations on first turn? Is this happening to anyone else?


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20days ago
People should spend more time reading their skills and less time complaining
21days ago
I hope this issue was resolved for you. I was also unable to activate my spell card ‘Xyz Reception’ up to 2nd turn of play. Must have been a bug because it seems to have fixed itself. GJ Devs! (Thumbs up)
Some character skills lock you out of Special Summons on your first turn, so maybe double check that
Have you tried to turn it off and on again?
Check up on your card solving
Read your skills

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