When will you add more girl decks/monsters?

Trickstars, Traptrixx, Marincess, and more Witchcrafter monsters and spells


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1days ago
25days ago
good question. don't ask us. This is not Konami
31days ago
They should introduce more female archetypes. My suggestions are:
Bikini Babe
Waifu Warrior
Spell Slut
Bathing Beauty
Big Breast Brawler
Sexy Sin
Naked Naughty Girl

And an archetype based on pornstars
Go get a real girlfriend
No one knows. For the time being none of the upcoming characters uses an archetype of female monsters so yeah.

But who knows next box could bring female archetypes if konami so wants
There is no gender mechanic in Yugioh. Your question is irrelevant.
Nobody knows. Also, this is not a Konami website and Konami probably doesn't care.

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I agree, MD is a dumbsterfire broken trash, DL is way more enjoyable in every single way.
Tackle crusader flip terror incarnate, destroy terror with skull knight, gaia + tackle (release s...
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