Can i get gems?? plss i unlocked the Zexal world lol, and a lot , like 6 worlds


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Go and beg to the president for gems
I plan to install a spy cam in my shower. I can send you the video of my mom. I also thought about installing a another spy cam that records the toilet but that would be a bit weird, right?
10 bucks per pic or 10 bucks in total? I'm asking for a friend...
Send nude pics of your mother and I'll give you 10 bucks
Use your credit card and you'll get gems too
Just do the world missions and you'll get gems.

Level up the duelists and you'll get gems.

Play the events and you'll get gems.

Use real money to buy cards

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Tickets dissapear

I have 8 missing tickets they appear in they tickets counter they had the april 30 deadline and d...

buster whelp bugged?

Just normal summoned buster whelp on turn 2 with destruction swordsman fusion in my deck and it d...

destruction swordsman fusion broken?

I have a dragon in my hand, opponent has a dragon on board, I have buster blader in my hand yet I...

How to watch replays (Steam / Windows)?

Opening the replay links in a browser just redirects me to another site. And I can't find an...

Bug with summoning first turn

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when will the missing cards of the Cubic archetype be added?

the Hōkai archetype feels unbalanced and at a complete disadvantage, you have no way to avoid Spe...

why was the card table reduced so much, to only 3 cards?

the little space of cards does not allow more complex movements, many archetypes are limited and ...

Is having a small deck really better?

I don't like small decks. But the developers say that small decks are better. Has anyone som...


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I agree, MD is a dumbsterfire broken trash, DL is way more enjoyable in every single way.
Tackle crusader flip terror incarnate, destroy terror with skull knight, gaia + tackle (release s...
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