Heraldic Beast: deck recipe

This deck is absolute meme, weak and useless. Why not releasing Satellar support in this box instead of constantly releasing new archetypes that wont beat a freaking pve bot even ? Start by giving a sense to the Main box, for the moment no good deck can be built with it on its own. And why do U put the Fiendish Chain in the bottom of each box, as usual, like every decent card in this game ? Since I started this game, I can calculate that I never got a meta card before at least the 80th pack of each box, no meta card EVER came in the 10 first packs. Not a single time. How StRaNgE isnt it ? XD
This game is a gacha game, that is why you have to dig a lot into a box to get what you want, but people get angry when you say that.
<< Anonymous
Trading cards, the original gacha game (I think)
Cope. The deck posted here gigastomps every single pve deck other than the roaming Yummy Yugi at max levels.
<< Anonymous
Sadly but true. Usually all good meta cards come after you have oppened about 100packs. When I was making my invoker deck I run 3 times through the same box. Invoker &invocation came after 130 packs. Same on blackwings. Gale was in the last 10 packs! 2 times!
-You say this deck is absolute meme

-You want satellar support

The irony is strong in this one
<< Anonymous
Gachas disclose the chances of getting what you want, Has konami ever disclosed the chances of getting a UR?

what if something like fiendish has a lower chance than Caius but we blindly think they have the same chances since they are UR???
Baron Barian
Because there's more than one archetype? There's more casual players than meta players Heraldic Beasts are awesome?
<< Anonymous(Baron Barian)
Anoymous 6days ago
If those sweaty tryhards could read they'd be very upset


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I'm only really interested in the Axel event for the rewards, and Antimony for a new charact...
Dark magicians are ok. We have much more problematic decks in this meta.
Why the F he has gagaga girl as level up reward.
Can you use this for Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon?
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