How Drop Rewards Work

I want the Wall Builder skill for the Paradox Brothers. However, I don't know how to get it. Do I use Paradox Brothers to farm, or should I be farming Paradox Brothers?

18days ago


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11days ago
Use the character that you want the skill for in PVP or LDs. PVP has a somewhat higher chance of getting drop skills(maybe about 25% higher?) so you could use it there and gamble for a drop.
16days ago
I recommend just play pvp with a normal deck (non-farm) using P bros character.

Personally, I noticed PVP has way better drop rate for skills rather than farming LD with farm/non-farm decks.
16days ago
To get a drop skill you should use the character you want to get the skill to duel at PvP or farming LD at gate. So, in this case, you can just keep dueling using Paradox Bro and you'll eventually get the Wall Builder skill.
17days ago
Use the P brothers at pvp/legendary duelists, it was a bit of a grind for me
18days ago
You waiting the event maybe

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Also, Mermail's own Donpa and Recon are SR, making them immune to banlist.
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visionary could also kill you if he gets enough attack
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