Hacks: Item Overlimit

Why do people do hacks and get over their Item limit? Do you think these players should be kicked out of the game forever?


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Email for communicate with konami?I found a hacker in PvP
Can I hack the game without take a ban?
Think about this, though - even if there was a way to obtain more gems via an exploit or a hack, why would anyone post it somewhere public only to have it patched and removed as a way of exploit/cheat in the next patch?
Perma Ban Not Kick :)
That would be cool but I hate cheaters but man you could have any deck you want
It's real! f2p complainers should try that!
This could also be a script hijack or injection. Keep in mind that Duel Links is server-side, which means that you should not bother going to gem hack sites or hacking the app or you will definitely get banned.
It's probably fake.
Some app can modify how it looks but the actual amount remains the same.
fck ..really ? didnt saw anyone using these ..its server-side

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It used to be good but this deck sucks now. Good luck to anyone trying to KOG with this.
If I got a nickel for every time this card gives me a 1 or 6, I would be a millionaire.
"king of cheat" frfr. Has so many cards unavailable, and can summon slifer with no trib...
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