Why does the life point counter get imprinted into my phone screen?

On every phone I've played this game on, the LP counter gets burned into my screen, so I see LP:4000 constantly when I'm on a white background. Any way to fix this?

19days ago


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8days ago
This is a hardware issue, not a software issue.
9days ago
Amoled screens all have burn in issues eventually.
11days ago
Turn down your brightness, don't play while the phone is being charged.
13days ago
I have the same issue on my OnePlus 3T. How can an app do this to a phone screen? The LP:4000 is permanently imprinted on my screen at all times.
13days ago
17days ago
I have the same issue. I believe the pixels are damaged and will permanently remain on the same colors showing the life counters in white, even when the duel links app is not open. Short of replacing your screen, there is no way to fix this that I am aware of.
19days ago
When you say burned into screen, does it even apply when your phone is out(also total out, not just standby etc.)? When I'm not far off, then it has something to do with to strong energy emitting on a material/surface it doesn't stand against it. Old Oszillator(or whatever it was called) problem: You make the 'point' to focused on a very tiny spot, therefore burning onto it over time. Try to change energy settings etc. Else search help from an electronics engineer.

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