Silent Sword Slash bugged atm?

I cant activate SSS to my Silent Swordman on my turn for some reason...

I am NOT using Duel Stand-by

Can anyone else check if the card is bugged for them too? Thanks :D


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NVM this question, my dumbass head put silent magician instead of swordman lol -.-

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What happened to card convert?

On the card catalogue section of the card studio there used to be an option to manually convert c...


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Lag after update

after update 2.9 I have experienced a lot of lag in the duel links steam version, has anyone else...

how to concert card in version 2.9.0.

when i want to convert the card in card nerf.the related card can be convert.but if ca...

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When will Konami nerf Fur Hires

Do we really need to explain further?

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Submarineroid deals damage equal to its original attack, which is 800. This happens even if its a...

How can I save an account?

Greetings. I have begun playing this game recently and I had to change my device because I bought...

Data Download

When I play this game, sometimes my phone suddenly restart then, when i try to login the game aga...



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Dear idiot yelling about Yubel, Destruction Jammer That is all.
Leng ling is also a good choice as you can benefit from its union effects when a cyber dark equip...
There is no point in celebrating Kaiba's birthday. Kaiba didn't born. He created hi...
The pack required does not list Power of Bravery for some reason lol (not to mention Witch Rai...
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