Bug Report: Submarineroid vs Wall of Disruption

Submarineroid deals damage equal to its original attack, which is 800. This happens even if its attack is increased or decreased. This works properly most of the time, but there is one exception: Wall of Disruption. For some reason after being hit by Wall of Disruption - or possibly because its ATK is lowered to 0 - Submarineroid no longer deals damage. Can other people confirm?


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Read the sequence of events on the card.

You first declare if you are using the card effect to direct attack.

If you attack directly this way you need to actually deal battle damage before the marginalizing to 800 dmg happens.

The trigger is dealing battle damage, NOT declaring a direct attack using its effect.
I noticed this too but wasn't sure if it was a bug or not.
If a monster has 0 ATK, it can't deal battle damage.

This is a game mechanic, and game mechanic always trumps card effects, unless directly stated.
Confirmed. I've been using Sub and this keeps happening.
Sub deal 2 different battle damages(like Anki):
The normal (atk vs. atk or direct attack with no opp monster) = current attack value
Special(using his ability do direct attack while there are opp monster) = when battle damage(need 1+ ATK value) then original ATK value as battle damage. So having 0 Atk value mean he can't deal battle damage and therefore can't do any damage to lps at all.
no, sub effect wont have any to do with increase/decrease

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A weapon to surpass metal gear
I'm so confused and uninterested right now.
Great card!We really need more options of decks and some plant cards would be great!
We got your Proteges (Vice Dragon and Earth Armor Ninja) We are ready for you Master CyDra!
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