Valiant Souls Or Primal Burst Pact...???

Which pact do You guys think I should get.
I want Valiant Souls Or Primal Burst Pact. give me your General THoughts.

please don't worry about winning or losing. I am not trying to reach KoGs. I just want to know what you guys think cuz I am still thinking about it.

The only pact that I yet to have is Rampage of the Forest, Abyss Encounters, Visions Of Ice, Clash Of Wings and Crusader Battlegrounds and it cuz I don't really care for them yet.

13days ago


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3days ago
Valiant souls has more playable decks like Mask Change, Geargia, with some Amazoness et al support. Primal burst is more Cloudians and Gem Knights. (Neither of which meta worthy)
7days ago
Have you tried Land of Titans? syncro baboons are op.
9days ago
in average, valiant souls have more playable decks than primal burst. also, primal burst contains more UR and SR key cards of the decks (which makes you want to dig deeper), while in valiant souls you need to complete the card from another free source (e.g. d hero structure deck, farming mai for amazoness).
12days ago
I prefer Valiant souls;
Geargia, Masked Hero, Amazoness get huge boost from this box and it remains a solid deck till now. Also, Paleozoid Canadia is an all-round nice trap to have.

But still, Primal burst do have some potential to be good if they get future related support card. I'm referring to Lightsworn, Dark world and maybe Volcanic.

Blaze accelerator reload & volcanic scattershot is still not in the game. Not sure if it ever will

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