Why do i keep getting kicked our of duels?

Ive been trying to play as the machine faction but everytime i go to play it says connection timed out and i lost the match? My wifi is fine

13days ago


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2days ago
It happens to me as well and others. Players forever complain about it. Konami is yet to do something. Has nothing to do with your connection, it's just a glitch or something that happens a lot. A read a guy saying something about over worked servers. Anyway it's pretty annoying especially for a game that makes unwin consecutively to rank up.
9days ago
Did you turn off and on the Wi-Fi from the phone, or router itself? If it didn't work, then try to restart your phone, if it didn't work either, then contact Konami, and see if they can help you with your problem.
12days ago
It's not something we can answer for you lol

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