Spellbook or Fur Hire?

I got enough gems to buy a minibox three times (not that I think I'll need all of them but who knows). What deck would you recommend? I've always wanted to play Spellbooks but I didn't have enough gems and now Fur Hire is here and I don't want to be stuck with a dated deck. I'm F2P so gem spending is not something I take lightly, lol. Please help.


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Spellbooks needs 3 different SRs (Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of Life). Fur Hire only needs 1 (Beat). Not even a choice, mate.
fur hire, it's stronger IMO when I fight with them. And spellbook is fking slow as hell when they play, almost sleep lol
fur hire is cheaper and some people haven't yet found out how to counter the deck.
They're both cancer.
As a spellbook player myself, I don't recommend you to waste your gems on spellbook. You have at least 80% win rate if you're going first. But if you're going second, you're screwed. The reason why spellbook popular in the first place is because sylvan deck is powerless against spellbook, because spellbook fate worked by banishing the monsters, which is a disadvantage for any sylvan monster. But since sylvan deck no longer relevant, so does spellbook deck.
Don't waste your time playing spellbook.
Considering that you are F2P, I would definitely recommend Fur Hire. It is a fine deck and will likely receive another round of support sooner than Spellbook. Spellbooks are amazing too, obviously, but the likelihood of them getting more of their broken support anytime soon is low, and the most optimal version currently involves dropping cash on silent magicians.
Fur Hire is way more FP2 friendly. If you want to play optimized spellbooks u need x3 Silent Magician.
I'm a spell book player but unless you are really skilled with that game the deck is trash(I know from experience) the deck has an insanely high skill cap while fur hires are really easy to learn and play that's why a lot of people like them. So unless your very good at the game go for fur hires. Also fur hires are a lot cheaper since you only need one sr at 3 copies not 2-4 sr's at 3 copies ( or 2 for spellbook of life in grass decks) depending on your list.

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same, still waiting on Atticus
I like this card with Traptrix.
Konami needs to give us this to help slash
I had a weird dream in it konami execs were touching my ass, has this happened to anyone before?
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