When will Konami nerf Fur Hires

Do we really need to explain further?


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19days ago
Fur Hires may definitely get nerfed soon. Against every deck it plays against that counters it completely(ask Duel Links Meta) it still wins.
20days ago
Konami could definitely solve the Fur Hire problem by releasing a new box in time or making a new banlist.
20days ago
Sylvans could be countered easily enough in the old meta before the recent minibox, however, the countering options for Fur Hires are costly to obtain and not as abundant compared to Sylvan counters(virtually any card that stops effects).Unless Konami releases a new box, we might be seeing Fur Hires go Tier 0.
28days ago
when is amazon deck getting a nerf or spellbook or masked hero? dumb questions.....
28days ago
oh and seems people visiting this thread are confused, its not about hating Fur Hire its about having more variety and some balance compared to how it currently is.
28days ago
First off i don't recall playing every duel for 2 hours in a row against just Sylvan's there was variety.Second off any player defending Fur Hire must not realize how this Fur Hire deck is ruining the game play because you can not expect to draw a counter in your start hand every single battle no matter how many you have in your deck where as Fur Hire 2 or 3 monsters in start hand and its game over.
29days ago
While we're at it let's make the game unplayable! F***ing haters burn in h e l l!
29days ago
First Sylvans now People whine about Fur Hires? Get cancer!
29days ago
29days ago
There's no reason to hate fur hires. Using fur hires to counter fur hires is not gonna solve the problem. The problem lies ONLY ON A BUNCH of player using this deck
The game's gonna more fun if the decks are heterogene enough, besides komoney wants to promote deck diversity as well

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