Fur Hire Nerf

Let's get real, fur hire will get nerfed in the next banlist. The question is, what card would be limited/semi-limited? My prediction is wiz and dyna will be semi-limited.


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Lol it will be beat put on a semi they won't limit the actual boss monsters in the deck and even then furs will still work at 1 or even 2 beat if it even gets ban listed just because the community is toxic and can't stand a meta they can't consistently counter
Anyone who says they don't need limiting needs to consider unlimiting all the previously limited cards
Ban Mayhem . They will lose their recovery ability.
This is ridiculous! Easily countered and with Mermail/Atlanteans and UA's coming in the next box Fur Hires will useless.
semi: wiz and donpa
Donpa and Reson are the main engines, so they probably will get nerfed. Mayhem fur hire may also get nerfed as its the main defensive ability for fur hires.
For Me
Limit: Donpa
Semi-Limit: Recon
Limit: Dyna and Wiz
Semi-limit: Donpa
Beat is a SR card, so it won't get nerfed
beat and wiz both semi-limited. beat cuz it searches and wiz cuz it negates. Yes scout and donpa both pop cards, but without beat you really can't do much after 1 turn
It doesn't need a nerf, so many decks counter it.

So just quit complaining and invest in SSA

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These posts spice things up and make the comment section a complete mess. I love it
I’m pretty sure even Jake Paul’s 5 year-old viewers can tell that it was fake
Looks like a good card to get rid of tuners, but doesn't seem to be very good
Terraforming but we don’t have that in duel links
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