Blank Fur Hire Cards

Does anyone know why all of the “Fur Hire” cards are blank in my Duel Links? I’ve researched this issue and seen no one else experiencing what I am, when dueling against that archetype I have no idea which specific cards are being used against me plus I would enjoy seeing the artwork.
A more detailed description of what I see is a blank grey card with solid black where the picture would be, the name and attribute it visual once tapping on the card, but in the shop and facing opponents it is difficult to navigate and enjoy playing.


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That looks like a cache problem. I'd try a redownload, but might as well do a full reinstall while at it, AND from the play store.
Uninstall and reinstall
Do you by chance using mod apk? mod messed with game data.
Sounds Like the Card Image Data wasn't properly Downloaded. When you face those cards, your Game Doesn't know where to draw the Image from, so it displays it as "Blank"
It must be a glitch.
maybe its data corrupted when downloading update try to re-download it at the start menu

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It used to be good but this deck sucks now. Good luck to anyone trying to KOG with this.
If I got a nickel for every time this card gives me a 1 or 6, I would be a millionaire.
"king of cheat" frfr. Has so many cards unavailable, and can summon slifer with no trib...
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