Akiza Izinski

How can I deal 2000 or more in effect damage to her using cheap cards?

16days ago


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2days ago
just use lava golem, waiting for 2nd turn after its summoned
9days ago
Ccapac Apu into defence position Lava Golem against LV10 legendary duelist.
13days ago
Use Obelisk with Catapult Turtle
15days ago
GameA - Trolling with Passion
16days ago
This website belongs to Konami and therefore, they can help you. They are also the cause of COVID-19. GameA is a tiny fraud.
16days ago
by using cheap cards
16days ago
Try one of those:
Gravekeeper Vassal + Some equip spells
E-HERO Flame Wingman + Skyscraper or other ATK Boosting cards
There are many other options but those two cards are easy to get and the combos are easy to pull off

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Lava Golem stall deck is a nice counter to this deck.
play 3 neos then. KOG material
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