Will Chaos Emperor Dragon be added ?

Will this card envoy of the end be added in the game ?


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No, I hope they won't. This would break the game. It would be very unfair for Free 2 play players.
The answer is:


Just like they added Judgement Dragon and Gyzarus.
No it will never be added to the game. I invite you to visit KONAMI's official duel links website, there is a FAQ section. Someone asked for this card to be added, and they answered 'No'.
Unless they increase our life points, don't expect a lot of cards with burn effects that we don't have to ever make it to this game.

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"Effect monster is useless" This was a very nice joke. The other jokes are still goo...
Them using each other's cards is probable too. But their lv40 deck will most likely be th...
??? what are u saying? both zombies, both tuners and fire monsters duh!
cannot win a @@@ing game with elder being the way it is, the odds of opening with him are 10% but...
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