Where can I build a side deck?

I heard people talking about side deck options but I don't know how to build a side deck in this game. How do side decks work in Duel Links and where can I build them?


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in another yugioh game.
DM has no stage 62. Please go spamming somewhere else.

So, Side Decks are not in this game but some people have made up some custom rules to use them somehow? And I assume that those rules are not official, so I can stop caring about those people who say stuff like "Great card for Side Deck" (when talking about Duel Links).

You go to Duel Studio, then Deck Editor, then bottom left, next to the home icon there will be a deck icon with an arrow on the side. That's the side deck option. You need to reach stage 62 in DM world to unlock the option though...
There are no side decks in here. You're thinking of the Duel Links Meta site, they probably have something else they use for their deck-testing thins.

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yay have obtained all of yugi's set skills
Yep. Now we only need Gamea to update the picture, and remove the "Forbidden Graveyard"...
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